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О симпозиуме «Возвращение на Острова золота: новые подходы в изучении географических карт Нового времени»

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The symposium “Isles of Gold revisited: New Approaches to Study Early Modern Maps” was held 28-30 June 2016 in Sainsbury Institute for Studying Japanese Art and Cultures (Norwich). Several libraries and art collections transferred as a gift have provided the basis of the research Institute of Japanese art. These are a library and collections of ceramics, ancient maps of Sir and Lady Hugh Cortazzi; library of the famous researcher of Japanese religions and folklore Carmen Blacker; libraries of well-known Japanese art specialists Yanagisawa Taka and Matsushita Takaaki, etc. The aim of the symposium according to the organizers idea was “to re-evaluate the legacy of Sir Hugh and Lady Cortazzi’s Collection of Japanese maps for research on cartographic history”. Cortazzi’s collection featured in presentations was available for consultation and inspection. The symposium brought together researchers, curators and librarians, on the whole 10 presenters, 3 chairs and 18 discussants-attendees from different countries, universities. Papers presented covered the main problems of the history of Japanese cartography: the conflation of world views on Japanese maps (Max Moerman, Angelo Cattaneo, Elke Pepelitzki); regional and urban cartography (Uesugi Kazuhiro, Radu Leca, Richard Pegg); variety of images of Japan (Miyoshi Tadayoshi, Marcia Yonemoto). On the last day the meeting was held at the British library, where several Japanese maps from the library’s collection were specially displayed for symposium members. Among them were a map of Kyoto, the Buddhist map of the world, maps of Edo and other interesting maps, most matching paper’s topics. The exposition was followed by discussion, comments and answers to questions.

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1. Isles of Gold Revisited: New approaches to the study of early modern maps. 28-30 June 2016 Sainsbery Institute. URL:

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5. Map: China 1700. URL: (дата обращения: 30.08.2016).


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Симонова-Гудзенко Е.К. О симпозиуме «Возвращение на Острова золота: новые подходы в изучении географических карт Нового времени». Японские исследования. 2016;(3):86-92.

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Simonova-Gudzenko E.K. The Symposium “Isles of Gold revisited: New Approaches to Study Early Modern Maps”. Japanese Studies in Russia. 2016;(3):86-92. (In Russ.)

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